Home of the Zot Community

Zot is a webMTA for privacy aware web communication with emphasis on giving you the choice on your needs for privacy.
These webpages are currently built, but you can already find a few information, such as Zot specs and links to all parts of the Zotlabs|Suite.

The Zotlabs | Suite consists of three individual projects:
Zotlabs | Hubzilla - the privacy aware publishing platform with many features
Zotlabs | Osada a Zot & ActivityPub implementation of a Social Network
Zotlabs | Zap Mike Macgirvin's Zot only Social Network

If you are unsure, which of the three to chose, here is a comparison.

Zot is the brainchild of Mike Macgirvin, who maintains his own zotlabs.com page.