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The Zot Manifesto

You have the right to a permanent internet identity which is not associated with what server you are currently using and cannot be taken away from you by anybody, ever.
You have the right to refuse/reject or possibly moderate comments on your posts by anybody you don't know.
You also have the right to not allow them to comment on your posts in the first place, until such time as they have earned your trust.
You have the right to show your photos and videos to anybody you desire and also NOT show them to anybody you desire.
If your software does not implement these rights, you have the right to fix it or replace it.
The Earth Manifest
The earth is your mother. She gave you life. Respect her or she will take it away.
Silence is complicity. Speak.
Those who are leading us to destruction can be stopped.
7.5 billion people cannot be stopped.

(Mike Macgirvin, Zot creator)

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