About: This channel is devoted to the discussion of Hubzilla development. Hubzilla official source Hubzilla project page Hubzilla wiki https://github.com/redmatrix/hubzilla http://hubzilla.org https://grid.reticu.li/wiki/hubzilla/Hubzilla+Documentation
Description: Channel for Zot protocol coordination
Description: If you have ideas how to improve the documentation of Hubzilla, please share it in this forum/group.
About: At https://hubzilla.org/page/hubzilla/get_involved you will find an overview of the different ways to contribute to the project. This forum here is the right place to collaboratively discuss improvements to the user documentation, its translations, user interface translations and the creation of user tutorials. If you are looking for support as a user, you can find the right forum at https://zotum.net/channel/hubzillauserssp If you are looking for support as an admin, you will find the right forum at https://zotadel.net/channel/support If you want to help develop the code, you can find the right forum at https://zotlabs.org/channel/hubzilla-development