How to install Hubzilla in 7 easy steps on Debian

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Installing my favorite web suite aka Hubzilla on Debian is a joy. Quick, straightforward and easy. I will show you how to do it in about 10 minutes or less.
Edit 09.09.2019:
Updated, tested with Debian 9 "Buster" and for ]PHP-FPM / Apache Event Worker. There are more tuning tips in Mark Nowiasz' tuning tips for Hubzilla, highly recommended for further reference. You will not be finished with this basic quickstart howto. Read the Wiki, there are valuable information to help you adapt your server config to your needs.
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Howto: Hubzilla Server Setup On A Working Web Server

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This short howto will document the Hubzilla installation dialogues. It assumes you already have got a running web server and cli access. You will need a LAMP or similar and a domain set up properly including a working certificate, for example issued by letsencrypt.
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