Howto: Hubzilla Server Setup On A Working Web Server

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This short howto will document the Hubzilla installation dialogues. It assumes you already have got a running web server and cli access. You will need a LAMP or similar and a domain set up properly including a working certificate, for example issued by letsencrypt.
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How to install Hubzilla in 7 easy steps on Debian

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Installing my favorite web suite aka Hubzilla on Debian is a joy. Quick, straightforward and easy. I will show you how to do it in about 10 minutes or less.
Edit 09.09.2019:
Updated, tested with Debian 9 "Buster" and for ]PHP-FPM / Apache Event Worker[/url]. There are more tuning tips in Mark Nowiasz' tuning tips for Hubzilla, highly recommended for further reference. You will not be finished with this basic quickstart howto.
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